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NEWS - Ophthalight is among the Top 10 B.C. tech companies in NVBC 2016

SFU startups Ophthalight Digital Solutions and Ionomr have made the Top 10 short-list for the BCIC-New Ventures competition, the largest contest for B.C. tech startups.

In the last six months, Ophthalight's technology and business plan were reviewed by well known judges and business members in workshops, networking events and learning sessions. These provided a great opportunity for validating science and business assumptions and Ophthalight's team would like to thank all advisers and mentors who spent their time to help the team during this time.

The BCIC-New Ventures competition was founded in 2000 under the direction of Wal van Lierop as a means of recognizing and encouraging entrepreneurship in B.C.’s technology sector. The companies that competed in New Ventures BC have raised hundreds of million dollars and created thousands of jobs so far.

(Credit: New Ventures BC, August 30 2016,

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