DUI Screener
performing sobriety tests accurately and reliably

Our DUI Screener facilitates reliable field sobriety tests with our easy-to-use device and secure software. The portable device can perform eight different eye examinations to help determine sobriety and allow an official to make more accurate judgments. DUI Screener test results are stored securely, to be accessed for admission to court or for further analysis.

What O-Glass can do

O-Glass performs eight routine eye tests that police officers are using them for DUI screening. Ophthalight's portable eye exam device performs these tests consistently and objectively in the field. All test results can be saved and used as admissible evidence.

Every day, 28 people in the USA die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an impaired driver. (NHTSA)

In 2014 there were 1.1 million DUI violations in the USA

DUI's cost the USA $132 billion dollars a year?

O-Glass Software - Accurate Pupil Reaction Monitoring - Ophthalight Digital Solutions
features of DUI Screener


  • Quick to administer

  • Accurate test process and objective results

  • Access to live recording, playback, and storing of eye examination data

  • Secure storage of test results for review or court use